RED EPIC – digital movie camera capable of 5K resolution at 120 fps or 2K resolution at 450 fps. The RED EPIC is a milestone in cinema evolution.

  • RED TOUCH” 5.0” LCD Display offers visual monitoring of scenes during filming while providing camera control by touch screen.
  • Recording on SSD cards with a capacity of up to 1 hour at full resolution.
  • RED POWER PACK provides energy for the entire camera system.
  • RED PRO PRIMES are lenses of modern construction with optimal optical parametres ensuring sharp focus with the high resolution provided by our RED cameras.
  • Professional HD LCD 7” monitor for the focus puller complete with the support of all professional focussing functions.
  • C-Motion – professional wireless system facilitates focussing, aperture control and zooming. When set up in a 3D stereoscopic rig our system provides precise and synchronised control of both cameras.
  • RED ROCK Micro Matte Box with a 19mm/15mm rail system for attaching the focus system.
  • Variable ZACUTO USA Z-Finder, ensuring ideal visualisation of the filmed scene on an LCD 3.2” display upon which a professional viewfinder has been attached.