RED EPIC – digital movie camera capable of 5K resolution at 120 fps or 2K resolution at 450 fps. The RED EPIC is a milestone in cinema evolution.

  • RED TOUCH” 5.0” LCD Display offers visual monitoring of scenes during filming while providing camera control by touch screen.
  • Beam Splitter 3D rig.
  • Optional control of the stereo platform. The rig is set up for manual regulation of the stereo platform in those environments where it is necessary to economise on electrical energy – alternatively, it is possible to mount an electrically driven motor with precise wireless calibration.
  • Mirror box (Beam Splitter) – semitranslucent mirror which channels the filmed scene simultaneously and with equal clarity into the lenses of both cameras.
  • Time Code generator for precise synchronisation of the cameras.
  • C-Motion – professional wireless system to regulate focus, aperture and zoom. When mounted on the 3D stereoscopic rig the generator ensures precise regulation of the synchronisation of both cameras.